We foster the development of Impact Ecosystems, as spaces conducive to the rise, development, and growth of Social and Impact Enterprises.

What is the role of ecosystem builders?

Identify sectors and actors within the ecosystem and promote partnerships among them.

Identifying and raising awareness about the paradigms that define the ecosystem.

Facilitating collaborative spaces among actors and sectors within the ecosystem.

Promote partnerships and connections with other ecosystems.

Why do we promote Social Enterprises?

We believe they have the ability to solve and mitigate social and environmental problems sustainably.

They combine aspects of the business world and the social world.

Our team

María Virginia Romero

Co-Founder of EKHOS and Member of the Alliance Management Team of the Latam Impact Network, where she promotes the growth of the Social Enterprise ecosystem.

She studied Corporate Finance at Universidad Di Tella in Argentina and Sustainable Finance at the Institute for Social Banking in Switzerland. She trained on Social Enterprise business models at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and on the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in India.

She has worked for 15 years as a consultant for SMEs, consults on social and environmental impact projects, mentors social entrepreneurs, and teaches Social Enterprises, Impact Ecosystem, and sustainable finance in executive courses and diplomas in various institutions in Argentina. 



Jessica Oyarbide

Co-founder of EKHOS and member of the Latam Impact Network Alliances group. She is an Advertising Planner, specializing in Social Enterprises.

She studied at HEC Paris, interned at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh, and worked in India with Fair Trade India, developing strategies for Fair Trade certified brands.

She is also the founder of Marcas que Marcan, a social enterprise that helps people and brands discover and activate their Social Potential, their ability to generate positive impact on themselves, society, and the environment. She is a facilitator, workshop leader, and mentor for social entrepreneurs. 



Victoria Cardenal Goitia

Graphic Designer at EKHOS since 2020. She holds a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires and extended her studies in Digital Marketing. 

She participated in an internship at Ashoka Latin America learning about Social Enterprises and took the course “Social Enterprises: Businesses that transform realities” from EKHOS. Committed to social design and marketing, she has worked in recent years for NGOs and third-sector projects.

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