Social Enterprises:

businesses that transform realities

The existence of profitable companies that address social and environmental issues stopped being a utopia a while ago.


With this Online Course, you will be able to delve deeply into how these models of positive impact businesses work, what kind of problems they solve, and how you can join this global community that focuses on the common good and business.

What will you learn?

How is the modality?

Access from your computer or mobile whenever you want.

Connect with people from the Social Enterprise Ecosystem.

Different cases from Latin America, Asia, and other countries.

Original content with references to globally recognized institutions.

Who is it for?

Those who want to learn about impact business models, understand their characteristics, and see examples from around the world.
Entrepreneurs and business ownersempresarios looking to integrate impact into their organizations and learn different ways to do so.
Individuals providing consultancy or educational content who want to incorporate new knowledge.
Stakeholders in the Impact Ecosystem wanting to learn more about Social Enterprises and Impact and how to better support them


María Virginia Romero

Co fundadora de EKHOS

Co-founder of EKHOS Master’s in Finance from UTDT. Studied Social Enterprises at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh. Researched social enterprises and impact finance in India. Promotes new economies, trained at the Institute for Social Banking in Switzerland. Advises ASHOKA Globalizer fellows.

Jessica Oyarbide

Co fundadora de EKHOS

Co-founder of EKHOS Bachelor’s in Advertising with a focus on Strategy from UADE. Studied Social Enterprises and Inclusive Businesses at HEC Paris. Worked at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and researched with the Fair Trade and Social Enterprises network in India. She also guides people and brands to discover their Social Potential® to create Brands that Make a Difference. 


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From other countries

60 USD

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Enroll and receive immediate access

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Inscríbete y recibe acceso

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When does it start and how long does it last?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link for course access. The videos are recorded for you to access at your convenience. The classes are divided into modules for you to organize your time. Once you enter, you have 180 days to access the content.

Who can take it?

Anyone interested in learning about Social Enterprises. No prior knowledge is required, just an internet connection.

The course is currently in SPANISH.

If I have more questions?

You can reach out with all your doubts to  WhatsApp