We develop initiatives that foster the rise, development, and growth of Social Enterprises Sociales and Impact Ecosystems.

We co-create a Board for advancing Social Enterprises with the aim of identifying and empowering organizations that identify as “Social Enterprises.” We carry out a Collaborative Mapping of Social Enterprises in Argentina.


We co-created Impact Latam Network, a network of over 80 organizations that support impact entrepreneurship for the socioeconomic and environmental regeneration of Latin America. Within this network, we lead the Alliances and Governance group and carried out the Latam Impact Ecosystem Mapping.


Impact Ecosystem Gatherings

We conduct workshops within Impact Ecosystems to deepen understanding of what an ecosystem entails, identify its key actors, and recognize participants as integral members. These workshops facilitate connections among diverse individuals and organizations, empowering them to collaborate effectively, fostering the development and growth of Social and Impact Enterprises and creating a more robust Impact Ecosystem.


Organizations that joined us

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Organizations that joined us