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Why get verified?

Strengthen your message: be recognised as a globally verified social enterprise that puts People and Planet First.

Get more business: Connect with buyers that purchase with purpose and access new market opportunities through social procurement.

Be part of the global movemen: build meaningful connections with other members and collaborate.

Save of products and services: Access free and discounted services and software from supporter partners like TrustLaw and GrantStation. .

Get the spotlight: Get more visibility on global platforms, such as the SAP Business Network.

What makes this different? Inclusive, straightforward, affordable

People and Planet First was developed by and for the new economy movement as a simple and affordable verification of an enterprise’s core purpose and business model. Every enterprise with the People and Planet First verified badge solves social and/or environmental problems and reinvests the majority of profit for the many, not the few. It can complement certifications of policies and practices, but it can also serve as a differentiator.

Is my enterprise eligible?

The verification has five standards. An internal point system was developed to support the review process and help enterprises identify opportunities for potential improvement. Points are not shared publicly to prevent comparison across enterprises that operate in highly diverse contexts and legal frameworks. Enterprises are either People and Planet First Verified or they are not.

Applicants need at least one point for each of the five standards to be eligible for verification. If they receive zero points for any standard, they are encouraged to make improvements and reapply in the future.


Take this free test to verify if your company is eligible​

How it works?

Verification is implemented through verification partners in most regions.

Step 1: Application form

Submit a free online form on the Good Market website to create a public profile. Make sure to check the box for People and Planet First Verification on the last page of the form.

Step 2: Pay verification fee

After your enterprise is approved, you will receive a link to pay the $85 USD verification fee online. The fee was set at the lowest possible level to contribute to costs and ensure the service is self-sustaining. No fee required for enterprises verified by People and Planet First Double Badge Partners.

Step 3: Verification form

Go to your account page, open the short verification form and select points for each of the five standards. Upload financial documents, governing documents, or other evidence to support your claims.  If the application meets the minimum standards, you will receive a welcome pack with the verification certificate and badge. 


Annual review and renewal to ensure ongoing standards. You will be asked to resubmit your evidence and pay a $70 USD renewal fee.   

Double batch

If you meet one of the following criteria, you are eligible for “double badge” verification. This means no additional payment or document review is required. The only step is to submit the online form to create your free profile page. The verification remains valid for as long as you retain your status with your double badge partner.

  • World Fair Trade Organization Guaranteed Member
  • Social Traders Certified Social Enterprise
  • Fair Trade Federation Verified Member
  • Yunus Social Business Portfolio Partner
  • Social Enterprise UK Certified Member
  • Buy Social Canada Certified Social Enterprise

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