Embark on an immersive journey into the Impact Ecosystem to engage directly with social and impact enterprises, as well as the individuals and organizations shaping the ecosystem and catalyzing real change through their work.

It's for you if you're interested in...

Exploring the impact ecosystem, social enterprises, impact-driven businesses, and business models that create positive change.

Fostering networks and building synergies with other stakeholders in the impact ecosystems of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, and Río Cuarto.

What does the journey entail?

Engaging training sessions designed to introduce you to Social Enterprises, impact business models, and impact ecosystems, even if it's your first time hearing about the topic.

Professional sessions with key actors from the Impact Ecosystem who will share their experiences, collaboration methodologies, and with whom we will explore synergies.

Field visits to Social Enterprises, Impact Businesses, Impact Ecosystem actors, and a stay at an agroecological agriculture and regenerative livestock farm.

Cultural and touristic experiences to key sites in each city and experiences that contribute to local development.

When is it?

DEPARTURE: To be confirmed

CITIES TO VISIT: CABA, Escobar, Rosario, Córdoba, Sierras de Córdoba, Río Cuarto, Adelia María.

Share your details with us, and we will notify you when the next date is confirmed.

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